How to Start a Rideshare Driver Business.

Rideshare Business

Are You looking for extra money while having a fulltime job or you are looking for a different type of job because the 9 to 5 life is driving you crazy? And you have heard from friends and family that Ridesharing is a good option to make extra income. Perhaps you just want to save money to go on a nice vacation? or make more money to move out of your parent’s basement? Good you are on the right path! 

First you need to find out if you really want to drive for others in your free time. my last week blog has some of the most important aspects to become a great ridesharing driver check it out! 

Once you have decided that you want to give ridesharing a try, this is the checklist to start with the right foot and have an excellent experience as a driver.  



  • Your car has to be 10 years old or newer. 
  • Must be a 4-door model with a medium to big size trunk for those airport rides. 
  • Must be clean and free of clutter at all times. 
  • Has to be in good working condition with A/C. trust me the air conditioning is an essential part. 
  • Tires and suspension have to the in good working condition. 
  • Use a mild Air freshener, something like Febreze for cars is good. 
  • The windshield must be free of cracks and the wipers in good shape. 
  • The horn, headlights, turn signals and reverse lights must work at all times. 



Sign up for one of the many Ridesharing Apps out there, they all have their pros and cons but we will talk about them on another blog, they have different ways of getting you and your car approved to drive for them. Sometimes it might take up to 2 weeks or more to hear back about your background check. Do not worry is totally normal, other ones can have your vehicle inspection in minutes at their hubs or you will have to take it to an authorized vehicle inspections business. 

All Apps try to do their best, to be as seamless as possible and to keep your information safe because you will have to submit sensitive information that thieves are always looking for, like your SSN but don’t worry they are always improving their security protocols. 



Now you finally got the clear to drive for a rideshare app now what? When do you start? How often do you do it? Where do you go to find your first ride? the airport? The mall? University campus?  

Well just start from your house. Make sure you are ready, and your car is clean and gassed up. 

Do not try the catch the SURGE zones unless you are in one already you would never catch a ride if you are chasing surge zones, you will only waste your time and gas. 

The first ride is always a little bit awkward; you don’t know if is their first time in a rideshare trip too or if they do this every day, just be yourself, enjoy the ride put on some good music and if you want start a conversation after a couple of trips you will like it more and more. 

Try to get familiar with the app, the sound it makes when you are getting a new ride request might be different form app to app, the maps you had always used might be a different one in the apps, always get to the rider pick up point on time even if you have to wait for them to get out. 



When talking about entertaining in your rideshare car when it does not mean that you had to go to clown university, we are talking about the music you choose to amuse your rider. 

Music has a superpower; it can change someone’s day in a matter of minutes. You can go from having an awful day full of stress to a relaxed and calmed one because the music you are listening to. You can go from being sad and depressed to joyful and happy because of that one tune you just heard, you get the point, right? 

So, when you are getting ready to start your rideshare day and want to really make a difference what music should you play? A random music station from the FM, your playlist from the music app you have to pay for a premium service? or ADITT App a music App design exclusively for rideshare where you and your riders will  get the best of both worlds? 

You as a driver will make passive income from every ad played by our partners, without making any modification to your car or your pocket. Simply download the app sign up and start making money. 

Your riders will enjoy top curated music for the ride plus deals and discounts from our partners to make a difference in their day. 

Hopefully together we can change someone’s day for the best! 



Rideshare business is a great business if you have the right tools to do it and if you follow my checklists and advices you will enjoy this business as much as I do, trust me I have made more than 10,000 trips with a rating of 4.94 for the past 5 years and I still enjoy it like if it was the first ride.