Understanding the New Marketing Approach and its Importance with Customer Retention

Understanding the New Marketing Approach and its Importance with Customer Retention

Content is everything, but without advertising, it’s useless. We advertise to be seen, and we market to grow. As an advertising platform, our main goal is for you to be out there and at the same time help you in driving growth in your business.

As the market changes, we adapt, and we don’t just follow the linear approach in marketing; instead, it’s ideal to utilize the modern marketing funnel. That is essential not only in targeting but also in influencing your new and existing consumers’ behavior at every stage of their entire purchasing journey. This new marketing approach is dominating due to its non-linear way, which helps us strategize in targeting new audiences and retaining old ones.

What makes you purchase from a store you haven’t heard of yet? But then, with great buyer reviews and feedback, you’re now a consumer. Have you subscribed to some site or channel because you saw member-exclusive perks and discounts? That’s all part of the new approach because it recognizes a purchasing pattern and experience that extends a more sensible method for today’s consumer drive. 

Before, we are guided and strategized towards a one-way pattern that starts with awareness and ends with the conversion. With the new funnel, consumers can now enter and exit the funnel at whatever stage throughout their purchasing journey.

Understanding the Funnel


Establishing Brand Awareness
The first stage is building brand awareness that is known as the “getting to know each other phase”. Tactics include online advertisements and SEO that will draw consumers to your websites or social media pages. 


Creating Engagement 
After getting their recognition, the following step is determining their needs and concerns. Making the audience feel safe and creating the best possible user experience will prevent them from exiting this stage. 


What’s in it for them?
Showing your prospects everything you can offer them by presenting your particular content catered to their needs plus focusing on the benefits besides the goods or service features.


Smooth Purchase Journey
At this phase, we need to ensure that they will have the best and efficient buying experience. Preparing everything from the processing to the customer service in case they’ll have some concerns. 


Solidifying Customer Relationship
It doesn’t end at the conversion stage. It’s essential to sustain and strengthen the efforts in establishing an enduring consumer relationship.


Sustain Their Interests
In creating a consumer connection, it is also vital to keep them interested in your brand. Be more creative and beyond in creating helpful content that’s catered to your market.


Be Prepared for New Strategies
Always be ready to offer something unique and appealing. Constantly be updated by the market, use your consumer’s passion and concern area and give engaging options and solutions.


Building Advocacy
During the last stage, consumers are now fans of your brand, making them brand ambassadors that give positive reviews and feedback. They would even refer or recommend you to their friends and families.

The advertising world is hugely saturated, and it’s getting more challenging than it ever was. We need to keep up if we desire to create sales and overall growth for our brand. Extending brand efforts during the entire consumer journey is necessary. 

Focus on embracing the consumer’s needs and wants, so they will become more inclined to join you at every stage of the best customer journey you can offer. Remember, your success doesn’t end with the customer purchasing your services or products but keeping them while acquiring for more.




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