Brands and Businesses (Benefits)

Brand and Businesses Benefits

Let people take your brand wherever they go

With ADITT App, you can effectively connect with your target audience by engaging with them in moments wherein their ears are all yours. In the saturated world of advertising, you can have the edge to catch their interest in your business genuinely. ADITT maximizes the relaxing rideshare environment to help them focus on your message. Join us today to discover real connections for your future customers. 


Precise Targeting Strategies

ADITT equips brands to engage with their unique audiences in moments where they’re most inclined and open to connect. You have the distinctive edge of closely conversing with them that other media platforms can’t achieve. 

Implement result-oriented ad campaigns through ADITT’s personalized music experience based on extensive research and customer data insights. The ADITT play button is your bridge to reach new customers.


In-Transit Digital Advertising 

Reach inside over 20 million rideshare trips taken each day. You can maximize the relevant active involvement of your specific audience as they stream our great selection of music.

Transit advertising allows each rider to enjoy a customized rideshare experience with our collaborative active content. Your efforts will be easily translated to assessable ROI and valuable analytics to empower your brand reach.


Systematic and Substantial Campaigns

The power of rideshare entertainment significantly relies on the substance it provides to the people. ADITT ensures that your campaigns with us are aligned with what’s in-demand. You can easily opt to extend and modify your campaign according to trends through our seamless partnership process.


So you really don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity. Connect with us today and let us show you how we can help you get new customers: Web address