Drivers FAQs

No, not at all, you just need to download Aditt App from the Google play store and start earning money.
Download Aditt App from the Google play store, sign up and listen to music, Easy Peasy.
By direct deposit thru PayPal.
Every two weeks with your PayPal account linked to our database.

Partners FAQs

Traditional Radio ads tend to broadcast to a more general audience (the spray and pray approach) and is less effective in targeting the right consumer.

ADITT App on the other hand, partners with Uber and Lyft drivers to provide their captive audience of progressive millennial and Gen Z riders with an immersive and relevant musical experience during rideshare rides. We introduce relevant brands and businesses and target this highly influential and purchase minded market segment to provide lasting value.

Everyday, there are 3.6 million rideshare trips in the US alone between Uber and Lyft. With an average of 3 people per ride (2 passengers + 1 driver), that’s a total of 10.8 million unique listeners per day across the entire US mostly consisting of Millenials (25-35) and Gen Z (<25) who drive a large portion of our spending power.

ADITT App’s location based platform means you can specify which city, county or cross streets you want your ad played. That way, we can pinpoint and target your key customer to drive relevant connections and enhance conversions.

Each of our Branding and Advertising partners will have their Ad or Messaging displayed prominently on our Offer’s page. This is where our drivers and riders will go during and after the ride to engage with your brand’s offer and messaging. We provide an affiliate link to the designated landing page on your website to drive conversions and conversation.