Effectiveness of Audio Ads: Is Your Business Missing Out This 2021?

Have you noticed how people are more dependent on using portable electronic gadgets like smartphones, earphones, and speakers over the years? With the meteoric rise of technology, Audio Ads has been an underrated chance for advertisers to tap into a new level of engaged audiences.

Based on eMarketer, audio advertising paved the way as consumers shift gradually from radio to online streaming environments with a 4.4% difference last 2020 and an 8.9% difference this 1st quarter of 2021. Streaming services offer ad-free streaming via subscriptions but based on Forrester Research, out of 26% of online adults who use online music streaming, only 6% are willing to pay for it.

Audio ads have exceptional advantages that made them an impressive marketing tool this year. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider audio ads as your new ad platform.  

Higher customer engagement rate

You will be amazed by the stunning rating of audio ads as a marketing platform. The main reason for the high customer engagement rate is its ability to be “unskippable”. With this, your target audience completely listens and engage with your audio ads. Maximizing this situation and the listening habits of the consumers creates a high engagement rate than other marketing strategies.

Compared to traditional display ads, audio ads also have a 24% higher recall rate because hearing is a powerful emotional sense and an opportunity for marketers to be remarkable. Integrating the two, the absolute number of audiences make audio ads an excellent marketing strategy this year. 


Audio ads are a highly cost-efficient marketing strategy because of precise targeting. They maximize the strategy leads and prove how progressive the audio ad is. Compared to other marketing platforms, audio ads have limited expenses. Commonly, the only expenses needed are for crowdsourcing of voice talents, audio teams, and writers. 

Effortless Tracking

The efficiency of audio ads can be checked by measuring their precise attribution. Ad-tagging will help you track and verify launches through your desired platform. You can easily track your advertisement result for companion, native and activated ads. Engaging a third-party verification to analyze and improve your advertising strategy will also be of great help. 

Edge of Audio Advertisement to Other Platforms

Digital marketing is overflowing with display ads that can be an eyesore for prospective clients. As the brands are looking for other remarkable marketing strategies, audio ads are racing to the top.

People love to multitask, so it’s a remarkable opportunity for the market trademark to advertise the campaign through hearing. As far as ad traffic continues, according to Statista’s study, there are 191.6 million audio ad audiences that can be reachable by this platform. The bridge between the marketers and potential consumers made by audio ads shows high effectiveness as their listening habits create a massive opportunity to market your brands.


2020 and 2021 have surely been challenging for businesses, but this medium still climbed and made it to the cut in the advertising platform. Audio ads allow the market to reach the target audience by online streaming using portable devices.


With audio ads, a screen less link between the brand and the potential consumer creates great potential as people of all ages turn into digital audio. 

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